Karen’s Articles on wisdom & mindful living

Are You Ready to Open Up?

Examined Life, 48 Hills, March 2021

On Remembering a Year We’d Rather Forget

Examined Life, 48 Hills, January, 2021

Being Human at a Time Like This

Examined Life, 48 Hills, November 2020

Replace Existing Normal

Examined Life, 48 Hills, April 2020

A Year To Love For No Reason

Examined Life, 48 Hills, Jan 2020

On Shaky Ground: What it Means to Be Hanging on in SF

Examined Life Column, 48 Hills, April 2019

When Our Bodies Break Down

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, February 2019

Life is Hard. Say Yes to That.

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, December 2018

Power, Patriarchy, and the Imperfect Guru

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, August 2018

Far to Fall: We must stop expecting our heroes to be heroic

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, June 2018

Don’t Just Sit There—Listen

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, April 2018

Love and the Lost Art of Friendship

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, February 2018

New Year’s Resolutions … Good Practice or Delusion?

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, January 2018

Reclaiming Sacred Spaces in the Digital Age

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, December 2018

The Subtle Power of Me Too

Examined Life column, 48 Hills, October 2018

How Meditation Practice Can Support Your Artistic Practice

(essay), Yogagenda, 2017

The Beautiful Path to Now

(cover story on Yoga Exhibit at Asian Art Museum), San Francisco Bay Guardian, 2014

The Yogic Writer: Heart of Darkness, Heart of Light

The Yogic Writer: Heart of Darkness, Heart of Light

In Defense of Yoga Pants

(editorial), Elephant Journal, 2012

Awakening the Artist

(feature on yoga and creativity), Yoga International, 2011

Miraculous Practice

(feature on transformation), Yoga Journal, 2011

Scholar’s Retreat

(Q&A with Robert Svoboda), Yoga International, 2010

On Solid Ground

(article on restorative Yoga), Yoga Journal


(essay on grief), FitYoga

The Anti-Anxiety Practice

(article on yoga & anxiety), FitYoga

Body and Breath

(article on the intersection between yoga and Buddhism), Tricycle, 2005