Oftentimes, we are ready to make a change in our lives, but we just can’t seem to do it. The noise of societal norms and pressures, as well as fears generated by past experiences, can drown out our inner wisdom and courage. We get stuck in a cycle of thought or action that inhibits well-being and creativity.

All of us exist, to some degree, in patterns and cycles. These patterns are the framework not only for our activities and relationships, but also for our thoughts and emotions. A pattern or cycle may begin as a sensible response to a specific condition, but if unchecked it becomes a holding pattern. Inside that holding pattern, we get stuck and are unable to move forward because the pattern has so much momentum. 


Coaching invites us into a different perspective. It gets us in touch with our inner wisdom. It encourages insight and epiphany. It moves us out of the mental and emotional patterns we’ve been holding, and into a realm of new possibilities and transformation. And once we truly embody a new way of being, there’s no going back. Growth only happens in one direction: the direction of evolution.

I believe that we are all connected, and that when one person is not living the fullest most courageous expression of themselves, it affects us all. In this way, I view the development of insight through coaching as a doorway into a more meaningful and conscious way of living for you and for the world. 


Typically in therapy, we are examining the present in context of our past. Coaching opens us toward the possibilities inherent in the present so that we can incline toward a more grounded and authentic life as we move toward our future aspirations. The orientation in coaching focuses on how we are now and what possibilities lie ahead for us based on the actions we take today.