Coming Home: A (Virtual) Retreat for the New Year

February 7, 2021 (Sunday)
9:30am-3:30pm PST (with a break from 12-1pm)

The beginning of a new year marks a time of transition, a time in which we are given the opportunity to step more fully into–-and come home to–-our true selves. As we open into another (intense) year, it is helpful to pause and reflect before moving forward. To consider where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and how we want to proceed.

On this daylong retreat, we’ll utilize the practices of yoga, seated meditation, inner silence, journaling, and svadyaya (self-study) to connect more deeply to the essence of who we really are. We’ll also create sankalpas (sacred intentions) aimed at staying close to our own hearts and values in 2021. I hope you can join for this powerful day of practice and presence!

Your casa. No carpooling necessary! (No shower necessary either!)

Sliding scale: $40-$100 per person

(Registration will be capped at 25 to ensure an intimate experience. Please register early! )

To secure your spot on the retreat, please email me at to confirm your attendance and then send in your payment. Payments are most easily made through Venmo (handle: @karen-macklin). If you’d like to pay in another form, contact me for guidance. Additional retreat details here.

Please note: Registration is not complete without a payment. Registrations are not refundable.

Weekly Livestream Yoga Classes

Fridays & Sundays, 6pm, Candlelight Flow
A mindful flow class, closing with restorative postures. For maximum experience, dimly light your practice space, and bring along any blankets/pillows/bolsters/towels/blocks that you have at home. Optional: BYOC. (Bring Your Own Candles!) Register through Yoga Garden.

Mondays at 6pm and Tuesdays at 5pm, Flow and Yin 
Part energetic vinyasa, part mellow yin, this class is the perfect mix of movement and stillness. Yin poses, done in the second part of class, are long-held stretches that help mobilize tight connective tissue, and offer a space for release and inquiry. For optimal experience, bring along any blankets/pillows/bolsters/towels/blocks that you have at home. Optional: BYOA. (Bring Your Own Aromatherapy!) Register through Yoga Garden.