What people are saying about me

“Working with Karen has helped me get clarity around my professional interests and longer-term life plan, while also helping me define and communicate short-term boundaries. Instead of directly providing solutions, she asks thoughtful questions that help me to find the answers myself. I genuinely look forward to our sessions and I know that even if we don’t end up where I expected to, through her mindful guidance I’ll come away with a deeper understanding of my path. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking professional or life coaching.”

— Meredith C., Scientist, Photographer & Yoga Teacher

“Karen is a deeply thoughtful and patient guide. I approached her without a clear goal, and she helped me navigate a new path that I wouldn’t have embarked on without her encouragement. She helped me weed out conditioned thinking and tap into what inspires me the most. She let me set the pace and offered reflections between sessions. She is skilled at identifying themes that arise across sessions, and provides very insightful and nuanced feedback about life patterns, their underlying causes, and suggests possible new directions. I appreciate that she offered concrete steps for me to try and I was able to see real change over time. She is a gem.”

— Zoe L., Ceramicist

“Working with Karen has been truly an awakening experience for me.  Karen is a grounded guide who is deeply rooted in the work she does.  I started hoping to change my habits which I thought was just a matter of making different choices.  It was Karen who helped me understand there was so much more contributing to my habits by serving as a mirror through guided conversation, helping me make these deeper realizations on my own, making them all the more profound. Our time together has opened my eyes, setting my life in a new, more enlightened direction.  I couldn’t be more grateful for our time together and would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for guidance of any kind.”

—Katy S., Teacher

“I started seeing Karen for one-on-one coaching sessions during quarantine because I was struggling with motivation and starting to feel a bit depressed. Having this check-in point each week has given me the support I need to be more compassionate with myself, feel more comfortable trusting my intuition, and work towards experiencing a life without the wild swings. For me, what makes Karen so successful as a mentor is her ability to listen without judgement and gently guide with insightful reflections based on our conversations – I never feel pressure to respond differently or feel like I’m not doing enough. She’s patient with the journey and helps me be patient, too. I’m truly grateful for our work so far – and highly recommend to anyone looking for a little guidance or more mindfulness practice in their lives.”

— Danielle Butler, Real Estate Development Manager

Coaching with Karen has been an invitation to be present and show up in my relationships, life, and work. Karen holds a compassionate and supportive space in individual and group coaching … Working with Karen one-on-one has helped me connect with my values, what has meaning for me, and feeling empowered to act in my personal life and at work. She has an incredible ability to listen, reflect, ask insightful questions, and offer guidance and practices. Her coaching includes a wide range of tools, and she moves between them with attention and care for what makes sense for me and the situation. I deeply appreciate and highly recommend her coaching.”

–Suzanne V., Research & Legal Action

“Receiving coaching from Karen has been one of the most powerful experiences for me. I began attending regular sessions with her over two years ago feeling lost in my identity and path. Through implementing practices in mindfulness, she helped me deepen the relationship I have with myself and others. Karen has a deep understanding of not only how people work within themselves, but the power of action, energy, and being with what is. She has been such a profound teacher and mentor in my life. I highly recommend receiving coaching from her whether that is one-on-one or in group coaching sessions.

—Hannah R., Psychology Student

“My weekly sessions with Karen were a crucial support when I was seeking to deepen my understanding of myself in the workplace and the ways in which I could provide authentic leadership. Karen helped me bring into more conscious focus that which I could not change while also skillfully empowering me to enter a period of significant personal and professional growth. Thank you Karen!”

— Colum H., Diplomat

“Karen’s ability to listen and understand and then offer suggestions, guidance, and ideas has been tremendously helpful in my effort to sort out my struggles and roadblocks in both my personal relationships and as I begin to set some new goals for the next chapter in my life. She is concise and clear and helped me to distill my jumbled thoughts so that I could get down to some specific work. She is lovingly grounding.”

—Cheryl S., Actress

Karen offered a perspective that was comforting and warm, and also one that made me step back and really take a look at the bigger picture and observe situations from a perspective I hadn’t yet considered. The journaling prompts she shared between sessions were also very helpful. She is kind, intuitive, and a great listener; I definitely would recommend Karen!

— Courtney Q., Filmmaker

“I loved working with Karen. She helped me see patterns in my life that weren’t serving me anymore while working with me to figure out new ways to feel empowered and joyful. I’m so thankful for her guidance and collaborative approach to coaching.

— Erin B., Filmmaker

“Working with Karen is a pleasure. She is supportive, insightful, and professional, and empowered me to make some lifestyle, career, and relationship changes that have been extremely valuable.

— Lesley P., Occupational Therapist

“Coaching with Karen has been a wonderful experience. It has given me several tools and strategies to manage some pretty significant life transitions. She has a unique ability to articulate complex topics in a way that is understandable and compassionate. From the very first session, her intuition was remarkable. I felt like she deeply understood me and where I was coming from. Would highly recommend her work for anyone looking to learn more about themselves or gain strategies for dealing with the difficult things that life throws our way.”

—Summer L., Nutritionist

“Meeting with Karen has brought immense change and growth to my life. I was able to navigate through difficult circumstances with her support and I couldn’t be more grateful. Her weekly sessions always gave me nuggets to ponder over the coming week. I really enjoyed journaling prompts and reflections that she would send after each session.”

—Alice C., Nonprofit Administrator

“Karen is very flexible and adaptable to the needs of her clients. Personally, I was struggling with my career path in the yoga community. Karen helped me identified where I was blocked and gave me the resources to learn, gain wisdom and clear up the confusion I felt. From my work with her I made some major moves including finishing up my 500 RYT, increasing my teaching schedule and getting the courage to plan a pranayama workshop. She is extremely encouraging and aware of the unique circumstances people face in terms of culture and past experiences/trauma. Karen teachers from a trauma-informed and yoga philosophy lens and I have had the privilege of seeing this via her trauma-informed and philosophy teacher trainings. I would not be where I am today if it was not for Karen, and highly recommend her if you are feeling stuck.”

— Meera Dhawan, Yoga Teacher

“Karen came to me at a perfect time in my life. I had just quit a job that I loved but had some personal issues with my boss and others working with me. I was between homes, had just experienced a natural disaster and my community was recovering, and just felt really insecure and out of control. We used Zoom for our remote sessions, since I live abroad, and our connection still felt personal. I felt comfortable with her almost immediately. She taught me coping skills and helped me to see other perspectives. Now I am moving forward with compassion for myself and others, some skills to calm my anxious mind, and communication skills to de-escalate touchy conversations in my relationships.”

—Jessica L., Gardener & Food Educator

“I had vague hopes that coaching would be ‘helpful’ at this point in my life; I had no idea how profoundly transformative it would be.  I gained insights and perspectives that I wish I had understood literally decades ago.”

—Barbara W., PhD, African American History Scholar and Grant Writer

“Karen helped me find wisdom from within to harness my power and gifts. In addition to offering concrete, strategic advice, Karen helped me break through outdated patterns and gain clarity on how I can make a meaningful impact in this world through her intuitive, responsive and caring approach.”

—Elizabeth H., Executive Recruiter

“Karen taught me the importance of self-compassion. I feel well equipped to face any circumstances (good or bad) with patience and resilience. I know that my thoughts and feelings are a mental construct and through compassion I am able to ride the waves that I previously thought were brick walls.”

—Hassan A., Finance & Engineering

“Karen was instrumental in helping me find my path as I decided to ultimately not transition out of my current job. She asked insightful questions, set up reflections for between sessions, and provided helpful resources on leadership. Highly recommend working with Karen!!”

— Elaine Klein

“Karen is one of the best/closest listeners I’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to: she pays very close attention to every word spoken, and because of this she positions herself to provide the most relevant, helpful, and personally-tailored guidance and encouragement to each client.”

— Deek S., Fiction Writer

“Karen is a compassionate and wise teacher, coach and role model. She offers a wonderful mix of warmth, humanity, humor, and knowledge in her approach. I recommend her coaching groups highly!”

— Brooke P., Psychotherapist

“The way Karen holds space for both individual and group sessions is truly powerful. She’s skillful at reading between the lines and asks meaningful questions that allow you to reflect on how patterns and perspectives affect your life. Her work has made a real impact on my life, especially with big life decisions.”

— Stacie B., Community Operations